About Us

Samron LED is one of the leading company in the era of lighting located in Noida. We have innovate some awesome design with affordable cost to spread the products of lighting to the individuals. We believe in maintain the quality with cost factor.


Financial Growth

The financial growth of the Samron India has left an amazing impact for entrepreneur. We as a beginner, started this company to few years back and now the financial growth of the company is getting higher value. We expect in the future to increase the growth of this company on pick point.


Environment and Safety

Our aim is not limited to generate the product and make it reachable to the individuals. We always concern about the end-user, who uses our products. By keeping in mind, we always try to make to produce more reliable in terms of safety and environmental adaptability.

Our History

SAMRON INDIA started in 2011 as a means to develop cutting edge lighting that utilises lower wattage to produce more light than traditional lighting while still retaining the look and aesthetics of traditional lighting we all grew up with.

Lighting with Purpose

Our convictions cause us to push forward daily in development and design. When most companies reach a point of complacency we believe that we can do better.Our lights save energy, reduce waste and cut costs. We don’t just sell lights; our products improve the world around us and the lives of our customers.

No Ballasts

Fluorescents and metal halides need ballasts to work. Often the ballast will die before the light. You will never need to change a ballast because SAMRON INDIA don’t use them, saving on parts and installation costs.

Less Waste

Since SAMRON LEDs last so much longer than other forms of lighting there is less to throw away. Replacing lights not only costs for replacement bulbs but also labor. SAMRON LED lights to last up to 50 times as long as equivalent incandescent bulbs.

Mercury Free

All fluorescents contain some amount of mercury. Mercury is poisonous and bad for the environment. SAMRON LED lights are 100% mercury free.