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To become our dealer, please go though the below written process.

We are proud to offer Dealer programs for our LED lights to responsible parties.

Our dealers are an elite set of companies who make up some of the most qualified and well trained companies in the country that possess the knowledge and expertise in the LED industry to help in just about any circumstance.

SAMRON LED offers unique insight into the LED industry through its attention to detail and careful consideration about the LED installation process.

We offer some of the most advanced LED lighting technologies available and present it to our dealers in simple to understand terms.

We believe every dealer is a partner in our company and is treated with the highest respect and concern for their business as if it is our own.

If you have a problem, a need, or just want to enter into the LED industry with a safety net SAMRON LED is your go to company.

Please call us at +91 8700447594 or email us at, for more info.